Economic Information

Hillman is a community that is perfectly poised for economic development, and they are looking for a few good businesses to share this opportunity with. Few places offer such big city amenities in such a beautiful rural setting. This small town already boasts excellent, affordable city water, sewer lines, and an excellent road system. Michigan's first member-owned telecommunications cooperative, Allband will provide fiber optics, bringing with them vast expertise from Michigan State University students and faculty. Their goal will be to assist businesses and residents into discovering the many advantages of fiber optics. Some of the many research projects include telemedicine and homeland security, which will be supported by the fiber network.

The Village of Hillman has passed Act 198 Tax breaks. There are five zones and the break will allow 50% tax breaks on new building and equipment, creating a wonderful benefit for businesses.


There are approximately 50,000 available workers within forty miles of Hillman. Six counties provide a skilled and energetic workforce to local industry and commerce.

Current Unemployment Rates:

Northeast Michigan: 7.2%

Hillman Top Employers:

Wayne Wire Cloth Products

Hillman Power Company

Widell Industries

Medi-Lodge Nursing Home

Hillman Community Schools

Thunder Bay Resort

Hillman EZ Mart


  • Highways: Hillman is located on highway M-32, a major east-west thoroughfare, with the M-33 intersection just 10 miles away. It is just 22 miles to US-23, and it is 45 miles to I-75 at Gaylord and 88 miles to I-75 at Alger.
  • Truck: Numerous trucking companies service the area daily, including Williams Carriage, United Parcel Service, Parker Motor Freight, Federal express, and Tulgetska Trucking.
  • Air/Commercial: Alpena Airport is conveniently located just 20 miles from Hillman, served by Northwest airlines, and with 3 flights leaving daily for Detroit and Sault St. Marie.
  • Air/Corporate-private: Hillman airport has a 2800' runway and land may be leased for hanger space at a rate $500 per year.
  • Rail: The nearest active rail is located 20 miles away in Alpena.
  • Port: Thunder, Stoneport, and Port Calcite are all conveniently located within 30 miles of Hillman.


Natural Gas:

Presque Isle Electric and Gas Co-op



Village of Hillman

Personal Water Wells

Elevated Storage Capacity - 100,000 gallons

Capacity of Water Plant - 149,000 gallons per day

Average Consumption - 89,000 gallons per day

Peak Consumption - 130,000 gallons per day


Alpena Power

Presque Isle Electric and Gas Co-op




M-33 Access



Average Loads - 528 Residential Equivalents

Peak Consumption - 622 REU's

Design Capacity - 622 REU's