Community Overview

Below is the Village of Hillman Census data, as well as information about the schools, healthcare and other information.

Cultural Amenities, Festivals, Recreation & More...

The area is home to several exciting annual events. Mill River festival celebrates Hillman's rich heritage on the Thunder Bay River. Fisherman flock to several regional fishing festivals each year, including the Brown Trout Festival and Nautical Days Festival. The area also celebrates its extensive agricultural history through lively county fairs and harvest celebrations, such as the Posen Potato Festival.

Northeastern Michigan Lower Michigan offers a truly varied cultural experience. The area is home to the acclaimed Jesse Besser Museum and Alpena Planetarium. Live theatre companies can be found in the neighboring cities of Alpena, Gaylord, Grayling, West Branch and Cheboygan.

Twenty lakes in twenty minutes is a phrase often heard when speaking of Northeastern Lower Michigan. Fishing, wildlife viewing, and watersports are all popular attractions at the area's innumerable lakes. The area is also referred to as the golf Mecca of the Midwest, with numerous courses ranging from mildly demanding to greens that can challenge even the most talented golfers.

Medical Facilities...

Hillman boasts quality family care through Thunder Bay Community Health Services, with a location in Hillman as well as nearby Atlanta and Rogers City. MyMichigan Medical Center Alpena, located 22 miles east of Hillman, provides full-service health care, including a University of Michigan Cancer Center. Nursing home care is provided by MediLodge Nursing home. The Hillman Senior center provides subsidized meals for senior citizens.

Business and Health Care...

Hillman is also home to Hillman's Haven, which is an assisted living facility.


Hillman boasts two Lutheran, three Methodist, one Baptist, one Episcopalian, one Catholic, one nondenominational, and one United Brethren church.


Hillman Community Schools offer an Elementary program for grades K-5 and a Junior/Senior High school for grades 6-12. You can view more information about the school system at GreatSchools.net.

Alpena Community College, 22 miles east of Hillman, offers technically advanced vocational programs and valuable associates degrees at affordable prices. The Gaylord Technical Center, a nationally acclaimed training center, and Kirkland Community College in West Branch are also within an hour's drive.

Community Organizations...

Hillman offers many community organizations such as the VFW Post 2356, Hillman Sportsman Club, Hillman Area Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, Hillman Area Chamber of Commerce, and Wheels of Northeast Michigan Classic and Antique Car Club. The Hillman Senior Citizen's Center and the Hillman Library are also available.


Village Of Hillman Census Data
Area Montmorency Hillman Township Hillman Village
Population 10,312 2.267 685
Population Growth +15.4% +3.8% +6.5%
Personal Income Per Capita $17,716    


Population By Sex and Age
Area Hillman Village Percent
Male 292 42.6
Female 393 57.4
Male 18+ 220 32.1
Female 18+ 343 50.1
Male 65+ 76 11.1
Female 65+ 162 23.6


Households By Type
Area Hillman Village Percent
Total Households 288 100
Family Households 154 53.5
-- With Children Under 18 70 24.3
Married-Couple Family 103 35.8
-- With Children Under 18 43 14.9
Female Householder - No Husband 41 14.2
-- With Children Under 18 21 7.3
Non-Family Household 134 46.5
Householder Living Alone 121 42
Householder 65+ 124 43.1
Average Household Size 2.06 --
Average Family Size 2.75 --