Community Planning

Village of Hillman Zoning Ordinance

The Village of Hillman Zoning Ordinance, fees and Application are available to view by clicking the links below.


Zoning Ordinance


Zoning Fees - Adopted February 20, 2024


Special Use Permit Application

Land Use Permit Application

Application for Zoning Appeal

Petition to Amend Zoning Ordinance

Process Charts:

Zoning Board of Appeals Process Chart

Zoning Amendment Process Chart

Site Plan Review Process Chart

Special Use Review Process Chart


Hillman Area Recreation Plan

Hillman Area Recreation plan for 2020 - 2024.

Hillman Area Recreation Plan


Village of Hillman Master Plan

Here is the Village of Hillman Master Plan and Strategies.

Village of Hillman Master Plan


Planning Commission Annual Report

Here is the Village of Hillman Planning Commission Annual Report.

2023 Planning Commission Annual Report